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Druid Ridge Cemetery
7900 Park Heights Ave
Baltimore, MD 21208

Druid Ridge Cemetery is a quiet, peaceful and rural location outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Founded in 1898, the cemetery and its staff have long provided burial services for Baltimore and surrounding area residents. The property is located in a rural setting, and offers some of the most beautiful monuments, natural settings, and wildlife for a cemetery property in the region.

The cemetery is home to a local and historical mausoleum that is, appropriately, located at the top of a small knoll that rises in the middle of the property. The grounds are exquisitely maintained and the sections beautiful, most offering calming monuments throughout the property. The cemetery property is also home to a three-acre spring water lake, attracting swans, mallards, and ducks throughout the year.

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Druid Ridge Cemetery Baltimore Maryland

Staff at Druid Ridge Cemetery offers a variety of interment options, including mausoleum entombment, traditional ground burial, lawn crypt gardens, cremation, private family estates and cremation memorialization. The cemetery property expands over 200 acres and has been awarded the Brickman Award for the most well-maintained cemetery in the United States.

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