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Hillside Cemetery
2556 Susquehanna Road
Roslyn, PA 19001

Since the turn of the 20th century, Hillside Cemetery has provided a beautiful and soothing location for the resting place of eastern Pennsylvania residents. Since 1890, the location has served the community and its surrounding counties with rolling lawns, majestic pines and flowering Dogwood trees that create a sense of peace and security from the stresses and worries of modern life.

Carefully manicured and maintained, Hillside Cemetery offers a wide range of burial options and services. Fifty gorgeous and individual gardens offer the soothing scents of a multitude of flowers, shrubs, and other flora native to eastern Pennsylvania. Gardens are scattered through sections of the cemetery available to American veterans, and veterans of past wars through the decades. One of the more well known gardens at Hillside Cemetery is the Asian Garden, followed closely by Pine Hill Garden, one of the few in the entire Delaware Valley.

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Hillside Cemetery Roslyn Pennsylvania

Only half an hour east of historic Valley Forge, Hillside Cemetery is located minutes from Trenton to the east to the bustle of Philadelphia to the south. Located on Susquehanna Road between Interstate 275 and Easton Road, Hillside Cemetery and her Memorial Gardens are surrounded by small outlying communities, golf courses and country clubs.

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